The Pros of Car Window Tinting

How would you like your car to look exclusive and have an extra degree of privacy that most vehicles don’t? You can in an instant transform your car in this way by adding a layer of glass window tinting film in a selection of shades to give you an element of class and partial or complete invisibility.

Family-run glass tinting professionals Tintmaster, based in London Colney, Hertfordshire, are specialists in vehicle window tinting. You can either drive to their busy workshop to have the window film applied to your car’s windows, or their installers can come to you, making the company a truly mobile service provider. Being mobile is an ongoing theme with smart-thinking new service-providing companies as convenience to the customer becomes increasingly important and could be the factor that sets a business a step or two ahead of any competitors.

Positive Outlook

Being a well-established family business that has led the window glass tinting market sector locally for over a decade, Tintmaster has a very positive outlook on customer service, and everyone who works there is happy to go the extra mile (literally!) for each valued customer.

“Tinting car windows has become very popular in the last few years,” says Tintmaster founder Martin Schlatter. “The main reason for this is because car owners want to add a classy touch to their vehicles. Car tinted windows are often associated with luxury limousines or snazzy sports cars, but in fact you can easily apply a layer of film to car window, apart from the windscreen,” says Martin. “It doesn’t take long to cut the film to size and apply it, but the effect is startling, giving an ordinary car a touch of executive elegance and exclusivity.”


Practical Benefits

There are other practical benefits that applying window tinting film gives a car, although these may be often overlooked. “Window film can reduce the sun’s glare from inside the vehicle, making the interior more shaded and cooler. Sometimes we’re asked to work on vehicles other than cars, such as a tractor, and sticking a layer of tinted film on a tractor’s glass windows stops the sun’s rays from dazzling the driver and keeps prevents them from over-heating on a sunny day,” Martin says.

Car window tinting film can also reduce the levels of UV radiation that reach a vehicle’s interior, protecting the passengers and also preventing the car furnishings from fading too quickly.

Benefits of window tinting film

Shielded from Vision

“There’s also the privacy aspect,” Martin adds. “No matter if you’re driving, or crawling along in a traffic hold-up, or parked somewhere away from home, or even on your driveway, tinted windows reduce visibility of the contents of your car quite considerably, so belongings and people in the car are shielded from view to a certain extent depending on the shade of film that you choose.”

Tintmaster has also branched out into supplying and installing tinted window film to homes, offices, and public buildings. “If you want to let the light in but still have privacy, we can apply window film in to give a translucent, clouded effect, so that basement rooms in a house, conservatories in a private garden or interior glass walls and windows in an office building are private even if they’re overlooked,” Martin says. “There’s also something called safety window film, that can bring windows up to health and safety regulation standards by preventing the glass from shattering into fragments if damage occurs to a window. This one is popular in schools, for example, to protect the people inside the building if window breakage occurs.”

Splash of Colour

And when it comes to buildings, both residential and commercial, window film can easily add a splash of transformative colour in a wide range of shades. “With coloured tinted film, you can still see through the glass but it all has a coloured hue!” says Martin. “So if you want to colour the light coming into a room to, say, your favourite football team, or if you want to make your office windows reflect company colours, it’s an easy splash of colour you can add to create a stunning and dramatic look.”

So one small change like applying shaded window film to your car, or coloured window film to your home and office, or security window film to a public building, can change the look, quality of light or security quite drastically.

Tintmaster is a great example of a company helping people change their surroundings quickly and easily but dramatically, with maximum effect. Well done Tintmaster for offering a service that gets our vote for being unusual and different.

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