Removing the Stress from Weddings

A lot of businesses are based around the idea of taking the strain and hassle out of life so your customers can use their time instead to have fun instead of concentrating on tedious or complicated tasks.

A wedding planner, for example, may at first seem like a frivolous luxury when you have so many other things to spend money on with a wedding fast approaching. But a wedding should be a lovely celebration of love, family and friends, and if it can become a stress factor in the lives of the couple and family involved, which happens more often we’d like to admit.

Unforeseen Mishaps

Any number of unforeseen mishaps could happen to potentially ruin the day, and sometimes the whole event can seem like an exercise in trying not to upset other people, rather than focusing on what the bride and groom want. When it comes down to it, any about-to-be-married couple would breathe a sigh of relief to have an organised efficient professional take the whole tricky organising and event arranging out of their hands.


Tania Nursiah began her wedding planner business, St Albans-based Orange Blossom, when she had her first child and could no longer devote long hours to her job as a director of a City-based investment bank. Her work experience has paid off in her new career as she has precise on-the-ball time and project management organisational skills from her demanding deadline-driven background.


“The services of a wedding planner may seem a luxury at first, but once I sit down and start talking to a wedding couple, and explain what I can do for them, they’re sold on the idea of a third party taking care of details for them,” says Tania. “There are so many things to plan and order and be delivered and arranged in a typical wedding, that when you set a wedding date you might not think of at first. Any family who’s experienced this, knows the long list of tasks – wedding invitations, booking suitably sized venues, finding accommodation for your guests, seating plans, outfits for everyone, flowers, rings, and last but not least – food and drink!”

I feel exhausted just listening to this list, which of course doesn’t even try to cover everything to be planned and put into action on time! “Some more traditional wedding ceremonies include a lot of conventional protocol too – which the couple may not even be aware of, until they inadvertently offend someone by not sending invitations by post to potential guests who have verbally declined, or not ordering flowers for the mother of the groom, but remembering the mother of the bride, for example!”

Lucky Success

Tania smiles and I expect she’s heard stories of a lot of past wedding woes, that the bride and groom have been told of and desperately want to avoid. It’s a minefield if you stop to think about it. How does anyone ever manage to have a happy conflict-free day? Sheer luck, perhaps!

I remember back to my wedding day – we didn’t know the registry office venue had a maximum capacity of 40 people, as we’d invited 80 to the ceremony! Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day and half the ceremony guests stood in the lovely well-kept garden outside the venue door – but if it had rained, we may not have pulled that one off! Also the music machine broke so the bride walked down the aisle to a hushed silence.

If we’d hired a wedding organiser like Tania, none of these potential risk factors would have been a problem.

No Worries

“The whole special wedding day, and the run-up to it, should be as enjoyable and memorable as possible, and the bride and groom probably don’t have the time to plan meticulously, or the knowledge and experience to know what could go wrong, or what’s expected of them according to custom and etiquette for more formal ceremonies,” Tania explains.

“A wedding organiser will know exactly what to plan, check out and organise to go smoothly and to schedule. Above all, a wedding planner gives the couple and their family the precious gift of time and peace of mind to enjoy the wedding preparations without stress or anxiety, so that everyone is as relaxed as possible come the big day.”

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