Growing Up with Digital

For most of us in the last few years, the internet has made a big impact in the ways that we shop, keep in touch with each other and keep up-to-date with local and global events.

But the Internet, eCommerce and the digital online world has also made a drastic difference to the range and type of job vacancies and careers that you can choose to follow. In recent years some industries and markets have moved almost entirely online, requiring a different and evolving skillset.

Emerging Job Types

Emerging techniques and technologies are rapidly presenting better, more efficient ways for companies to communicate with, market to and sell to their customers, forcing the marketing world to adapt and adopt these new far-reaching and measurable methods.

Specialist digital marketing and eCommerce recruitment agency Intelligent People, based in St Albans, has stayed at the forefront of the digital revolution. Many of the agency’s clients rely on Intelligent People to find new recruits with the cutting-edge skills necessary to remain competitive in an ever evolving technological world.

Lack of Candidates

“We have many internet-based job vacancies which are candidate-scarce, or in other words require experience and know-how that’s very much in demand by our hungry clients,” says Intelligent People co-founder Doug Bates. “A lot of these job areas didn’t exist 5 years ago. Some of our clients are small high-tech start-ups, who want candidates with leading edge skills, as the company is an early adopter of brand new digital approaches.”

“Other clients are mainstream organisations trying to keep pace with the many online ways to promote brand, send marketing messages and win customers over, because they now realise these are techniques that they have to adopt to effectively stay abreast or ahead of the competition.”

Pioneering Skills

I ask Doug what pioneering skills are in hot demand by small tech businesses just starting out?

“Start-up tech companies don’t have the luxury of separate dedicated marketing and product management teams, so employees have to be ‘jack’ or ‘jill-of-all-trades’ to some extent,” he replies. “And start-ups want to expand quickly and acquire customers as soon as possible. That’s when the company comes to us with a ‘growth hacker’ job vacancy.

Growth Hacking

“A growth hacker is a marketer with the ability to exploit multiple digital channels, an insight into and involvement in product management, and an ability to analyse data and code, to maybe build marketing itself into the product. Basically, someone focused entirely on business growth, and who has the ability to use any channel and strategy possible to achieve this.”

What other cutting-edge job opportunities are there out there?

“Demand for candidates for Chief Customer Officer or CCO vacancies has risen sharply recently,” says Intelligent People co-founder Chris Mason. “Again, 5 years ago there was only a handful of forward-thinking businesses that had a CCO on their executive team, but the idea is being embraced with more enthusiasm now.”

Customers are Crucial

“Between the customer service team being normally focused entirely on customer sales transactions, and the marketing team on brand image and communicating advertising and marketing messages, there’s a gap for an executive-level member of an organisation who will handle customers, including the process of engagement and the ability to understand exactly what they want and need. After all customers are the life blood of any business.”

Chris adds, “The job title can vary too, but the job function is still the same – someone who understands how to communicate with and listen to customers across multiple digital channels. Today there’s more opportunities to sell on more platforms than ever before, and a CCO knows how to use all these technologies to influence customers’ decisions.”

Catching Up with Digital

What kind of job role would an organisation search for, that suddenly finds themselves behind the times in using digital channels, and desperately wants to catch up and overtake the early adopters?

“Sounds like they would need to find a digital strategy consultant,” chuckles Chris. “That’s someone who’s really switched on when it comes to exploiting digital techniques to market a brand and sell products across all channels. A digital strategy consultant would assess all the available digital technologies that a company can exploit to reach their target audience, and from experience they can recommend which channels are the most effective and would bring the most sales and the fastest return on investment (ROI) for that organisation.”

Invaluable Candidate

Doug quips in, “This candidate would be invaluable to a business that hasn’t yet sorted out its complete approach to marketing and selling online, and is still sticking to the old ways until forced to embrace online advertising, search engine tactics, mobile platforms and other ways to reach customers wherever they go. All while being able to track and monitor the results of all these activities with data analysis tools.”

I knew that the online world has changed a lot of things in our everyday lives, but didn’t realise that the recruitment market had been revolutionised too. Doug and Chris have given me a fascinating insight into today’s and tomorrow’s technology recruitment needs.

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