A Unique Recruitment Proposal

Many people have a tainted view of recruitment consultant. In my experience, in many cases, this view is totally warranted!

O.K, I do say that slightly tongue in cheek, but the reputation is not good on the whole. Hard edged sales people who don’t really understand their market and just trying to bludgeon “clients” into submission on the telephone with dubious sales tactics.

Now I shouldn’t really be tarring all recruiters with the same brush, and as it happens I’m not. I think the industry, as a whole, has made great strides over recent years, and GDPR will help bring standards up fruther in the EU (GDPR is a new EU law covering private data stroage and marketing permissions).

And, it is good when you find a model that is working well and offering truly good service to clients and candidates alike.

Interesting Markets

I tend to think that good offerings tend to come in interesting markets. I have written about Intelligent People before and how they go about their business which is super impressive.

So, I was delighted to find another model being proven by a company called Harvey Thomas who are operating out of Milton Keynes in the Shires just to the North of London.

The first thing to note is that they service a very unique and quite deep niche market. They supply into the SaaS software business. Nothing unique in that these days you might think. Certainly when you look at how big Sales Force and Quickbooks have become and the amount of money major software players like Oracle are throwing at SaaS offerings, possibly not. However, Harvey Thomas hit a unique spot in the market.

All Levels

They supply not only development staff, but all levels of sales, sales support and customer success recruitment, specifically to pre-IPO and venture funded SaaS start ups. So company’s like Thunderhead who have a major SaaS based CRM and document management offering specifically designed to deal with big data. It’s used by the big banks and the likes of Saga to manage their mailing lists and mail outs.

Anyway, the way Harvey Thomas recruit for their clients is rather unusual. Being all start up style companies, it’s relatiuvely obvious that there are going to be a certain number of failures. To be honest since SaaS softwqare first came to the market, there have been many ideas / applications / softwares that people thought they could take into the SaaS world that have failed.

Any Application Should Work

If you think about it, any application should be easily transferrable to SaaS. And the benefits of delivering a success are all to obvious. Once again I would point at Sales Force and Quickbooks. The obvious benefit is highly functional software available to all levels of operation, even one-man bands, at attainable prices. SaaS and Cloud Computing has opened up truly functional software to everyone.

But, because of the nature of this start up market, Harvey Thomas play by different rules. They don;t have tradiotional clients and candidates. They simply have “people”. People with skills who fit in to projects. The people can be a client on one project and a candidate on the next. Indeed, they can be a candidate and when placed a client. It’s a much more fluid market.

Fluid Market

And, it is that market fluidity the promotes the modus operandi.

Quite simply, Harvey Thomas make it their purpose to fully understand what is happening on every project and company they work with. If a project looks like failing or funding is going to be withdrawn, they take a pro-active approach. They take remeidal action to help all of the people involved. That might mean bringing in staff to save the rpoject, it might mean helping staff let go to find other jobs, it might mean a complete out placement service.

Many of this type of organisation do not have highly developed HR functions so Harvey Thomas step in to help.

It’s a great business model that can actually take the competiton totally out of the loop, but it does require a closeness to the people and it is building those enduring relationships that lead them to be able to work in this manner. It’s a unique a fulilling business model.

If you are interested in talking to Harvey Thomas click here.

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