A Unique Recruitment Proposal

Many people have a tainted view of recruitment consultant. In my experience, in many cases, this view is totally warranted!

O.K, I do say that slightly tongue in cheek, but the reputation is not good on the whole. Hard edged sales people who don’t really understand their market and just trying to bludgeon “clients” into submission on the telephone with dubious sales tactics.

Now I shouldn’t really be tarring all recruiters with the same brush, and as it happens I’m not. I think the industry, as a whole, has made great strides over recent years, and GDPR will help bring standards up fruther in the EU (GDPR is a new EU law covering private data stroage and marketing permissions).

And, it is good when you find a model that is working well and offering truly good service to clients and candidates alike.

Interesting Markets

I tend to think that good offerings tend to come in interesting markets. I have written about Intelligent People before and how they go about their business which is super impressive.

So, I was delighted to find another model being proven by a company called Harvey Thomas who are operating out of Milton Keynes in the Shires just to the North of London.

The first thing to note is that they service a very unique and quite deep niche market. They supply into the SaaS software business. Nothing unique in that these days you might think. Certainly when you look at how big Sales Force and Quickbooks have become and the amount of money major software players like Oracle are throwing at SaaS offerings, possibly not. However, Harvey Thomas hit a unique spot in the market.

All Levels

They supply not only development staff, but all levels of sales, sales support and customer success recruitment, specifically to pre-IPO and venture funded SaaS start ups. So company’s like Thunderhead who have a major SaaS based CRM and document management offering specifically designed to deal with big data. It’s used by the big banks and the likes of Saga to manage their mailing lists and mail outs.

Anyway, the way Harvey Thomas recruit for their clients is rather unusual. Being all start up style companies, it’s relatiuvely obvious that there are going to be a certain number of failures. To be honest since SaaS softwqare first came to the market, there have been many ideas / applications / softwares that people thought they could take into the SaaS world that have failed.

Any Application Should Work

If you think about it, any application should be easily transferrable to SaaS. And the benefits of delivering a success are all to obvious. Once again I would point at Sales Force and Quickbooks. The obvious benefit is highly functional software available to all levels of operation, even one-man bands, at attainable prices. SaaS and Cloud Computing has opened up truly functional software to everyone.

But, because of the nature of this start up market, Harvey Thomas play by different rules. They don;t have tradiotional clients and candidates. They simply have “people”. People with skills who fit in to projects. The people can be a client on one project and a candidate on the next. Indeed, they can be a candidate and when placed a client. It’s a much more fluid market.

Fluid Market

And, it is that market fluidity the promotes the modus operandi.

Quite simply, Harvey Thomas make it their purpose to fully understand what is happening on every project and company they work with. If a project looks like failing or funding is going to be withdrawn, they take a pro-active approach. They take remeidal action to help all of the people involved. That might mean bringing in staff to save the rpoject, it might mean helping staff let go to find other jobs, it might mean a complete out placement service.

Many of this type of organisation do not have highly developed HR functions so Harvey Thomas step in to help.

It’s a great business model that can actually take the competiton totally out of the loop, but it does require a closeness to the people and it is building those enduring relationships that lead them to be able to work in this manner. It’s a unique a fulilling business model.

If you are interested in talking to Harvey Thomas click here.

Also Customer Success Recruitment and Software Pre-Sales Recruitment

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Growing Up with Digital

For most of us in the last few years, the internet has made a big impact in the ways that we shop, keep in touch with each other and keep up-to-date with local and global events.

But the Internet, eCommerce and the digital online world has also made a drastic difference to the range and type of job vacancies and careers that you can choose to follow. In recent years some industries and markets have moved almost entirely online, requiring a different and evolving skillset.

Emerging Job Types

Emerging techniques and technologies are rapidly presenting better, more efficient ways for companies to communicate with, market to and sell to their customers, forcing the marketing world to adapt and adopt these new far-reaching and measurable methods.

Specialist digital marketing and eCommerce recruitment agency Intelligent People, based in St Albans, has stayed at the forefront of the digital revolution. Many of the agency’s clients rely on Intelligent People to find new recruits with the cutting-edge skills necessary to remain competitive in an ever evolving technological world.

Lack of Candidates

“We have many internet-based job vacancies which are candidate-scarce, or in other words require experience and know-how that’s very much in demand by our hungry clients,” says Intelligent People co-founder Doug Bates. “A lot of these job areas didn’t exist 5 years ago. Some of our clients are small high-tech start-ups, who want candidates with leading edge skills, as the company is an early adopter of brand new digital approaches.”

“Other clients are mainstream organisations trying to keep pace with the many online ways to promote brand, send marketing messages and win customers over, because they now realise these are techniques that they have to adopt to effectively stay abreast or ahead of the competition.”

Pioneering Skills

I ask Doug what pioneering skills are in hot demand by small tech businesses just starting out?

“Start-up tech companies don’t have the luxury of separate dedicated marketing and product management teams, so employees have to be ‘jack’ or ‘jill-of-all-trades’ to some extent,” he replies. “And start-ups want to expand quickly and acquire customers as soon as possible. That’s when the company comes to us with a ‘growth hacker’ job vacancy.

Growth Hacking

“A growth hacker is a marketer with the ability to exploit multiple digital channels, an insight into and involvement in product management, and an ability to analyse data and code, to maybe build marketing itself into the product. Basically, someone focused entirely on business growth, and who has the ability to use any channel and strategy possible to achieve this.”

What other cutting-edge job opportunities are there out there?

“Demand for candidates for Chief Customer Officer or CCO vacancies has risen sharply recently,” says Intelligent People co-founder Chris Mason. “Again, 5 years ago there was only a handful of forward-thinking businesses that had a CCO on their executive team, but the idea is being embraced with more enthusiasm now.”

Customers are Crucial

“Between the customer service team being normally focused entirely on customer sales transactions, and the marketing team on brand image and communicating advertising and marketing messages, there’s a gap for an executive-level member of an organisation who will handle customers, including the process of engagement and the ability to understand exactly what they want and need. After all customers are the life blood of any business.”

Chris adds, “The job title can vary too, but the job function is still the same – someone who understands how to communicate with and listen to customers across multiple digital channels. Today there’s more opportunities to sell on more platforms than ever before, and a CCO knows how to use all these technologies to influence customers’ decisions.”

Catching Up with Digital

What kind of job role would an organisation search for, that suddenly finds themselves behind the times in using digital channels, and desperately wants to catch up and overtake the early adopters?

“Sounds like they would need to find a digital strategy consultant,” chuckles Chris. “That’s someone who’s really switched on when it comes to exploiting digital techniques to market a brand and sell products across all channels. A digital strategy consultant would assess all the available digital technologies that a company can exploit to reach their target audience, and from experience they can recommend which channels are the most effective and would bring the most sales and the fastest return on investment (ROI) for that organisation.”

Invaluable Candidate

Doug quips in, “This candidate would be invaluable to a business that hasn’t yet sorted out its complete approach to marketing and selling online, and is still sticking to the old ways until forced to embrace online advertising, search engine tactics, mobile platforms and other ways to reach customers wherever they go. All while being able to track and monitor the results of all these activities with data analysis tools.”

I knew that the online world has changed a lot of things in our everyday lives, but didn’t realise that the recruitment market had been revolutionised too. Doug and Chris have given me a fascinating insight into today’s and tomorrow’s technology recruitment needs.

For more information on Intelligent People and the interesting range of job opportunities that they offer, go to http://www.intelligentpeople.co.uk/

Removing the Stress from Weddings

A lot of businesses are based around the idea of taking the strain and hassle out of life so your customers can use their time instead to have fun instead of concentrating on tedious or complicated tasks.

A wedding planner, for example, may at first seem like a frivolous luxury when you have so many other things to spend money on with a wedding fast approaching. But a wedding should be a lovely celebration of love, family and friends, and if it can become a stress factor in the lives of the couple and family involved, which happens more often we’d like to admit.

Unforeseen Mishaps

Any number of unforeseen mishaps could happen to potentially ruin the day, and sometimes the whole event can seem like an exercise in trying not to upset other people, rather than focusing on what the bride and groom want. When it comes down to it, any about-to-be-married couple would breathe a sigh of relief to have an organised efficient professional take the whole tricky organising and event arranging out of their hands.


Tania Nursiah began her wedding planner business, St Albans-based Orange Blossom, when she had her first child and could no longer devote long hours to her job as a director of a City-based investment bank. Her work experience has paid off in her new career as she has precise on-the-ball time and project management organisational skills from her demanding deadline-driven background.


“The services of a wedding planner may seem a luxury at first, but once I sit down and start talking to a wedding couple, and explain what I can do for them, they’re sold on the idea of a third party taking care of details for them,” says Tania. “There are so many things to plan and order and be delivered and arranged in a typical wedding, that when you set a wedding date you might not think of at first. Any family who’s experienced this, knows the long list of tasks – wedding invitations, booking suitably sized venues, finding accommodation for your guests, seating plans, outfits for everyone, flowers, rings, and last but not least – food and drink!”

I feel exhausted just listening to this list, which of course doesn’t even try to cover everything to be planned and put into action on time! “Some more traditional wedding ceremonies include a lot of conventional protocol too – which the couple may not even be aware of, until they inadvertently offend someone by not sending invitations by post to potential guests who have verbally declined, or not ordering flowers for the mother of the groom, but remembering the mother of the bride, for example!”

Lucky Success

Tania smiles and I expect she’s heard stories of a lot of past wedding woes, that the bride and groom have been told of and desperately want to avoid. It’s a minefield if you stop to think about it. How does anyone ever manage to have a happy conflict-free day? Sheer luck, perhaps!

I remember back to my wedding day – we didn’t know the registry office venue had a maximum capacity of 40 people, as we’d invited 80 to the ceremony! Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day and half the ceremony guests stood in the lovely well-kept garden outside the venue door – but if it had rained, we may not have pulled that one off! Also the music machine broke so the bride walked down the aisle to a hushed silence.

If we’d hired a wedding organiser like Tania, none of these potential risk factors would have been a problem.

No Worries

“The whole special wedding day, and the run-up to it, should be as enjoyable and memorable as possible, and the bride and groom probably don’t have the time to plan meticulously, or the knowledge and experience to know what could go wrong, or what’s expected of them according to custom and etiquette for more formal ceremonies,” Tania explains.

“A wedding organiser will know exactly what to plan, check out and organise to go smoothly and to schedule. Above all, a wedding planner gives the couple and their family the precious gift of time and peace of mind to enjoy the wedding preparations without stress or anxiety, so that everyone is as relaxed as possible come the big day.”

To find out more about Orange Blossom and remove the worries from your wedding, go to http://orangeblossom.co.uk/ or take a look on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/orangeblossomweddings/

The Pros of Car Window Tinting

How would you like your car to look exclusive and have an extra degree of privacy that most vehicles don’t? You can in an instant transform your car in this way by adding a layer of glass window tinting film in a selection of shades to give you an element of class and partial or complete invisibility.

Family-run glass tinting professionals Tintmaster, based in London Colney, Hertfordshire, are specialists in vehicle window tinting. You can either drive to their busy workshop to have the window film applied to your car’s windows, or their installers can come to you, making the company a truly mobile service provider. Being mobile is an ongoing theme with smart-thinking new service-providing companies as convenience to the customer becomes increasingly important and could be the factor that sets a business a step or two ahead of any competitors.

Positive Outlook

Being a well-established family business that has led the window glass tinting market sector locally for over a decade, Tintmaster has a very positive outlook on customer service, and everyone who works there is happy to go the extra mile (literally!) for each valued customer.

“Tinting car windows has become very popular in the last few years,” says Tintmaster founder Martin Schlatter. “The main reason for this is because car owners want to add a classy touch to their vehicles. Car tinted windows are often associated with luxury limousines or snazzy sports cars, but in fact you can easily apply a layer of film to car window, apart from the windscreen,” says Martin. “It doesn’t take long to cut the film to size and apply it, but the effect is startling, giving an ordinary car a touch of executive elegance and exclusivity.”


Practical Benefits

There are other practical benefits that applying window tinting film gives a car, although these may be often overlooked. “Window film can reduce the sun’s glare from inside the vehicle, making the interior more shaded and cooler. Sometimes we’re asked to work on vehicles other than cars, such as a tractor, and sticking a layer of tinted film on a tractor’s glass windows stops the sun’s rays from dazzling the driver and keeps prevents them from over-heating on a sunny day,” Martin says.

Car window tinting film can also reduce the levels of UV radiation that reach a vehicle’s interior, protecting the passengers and also preventing the car furnishings from fading too quickly.

Benefits of window tinting film

Shielded from Vision

“There’s also the privacy aspect,” Martin adds. “No matter if you’re driving, or crawling along in a traffic hold-up, or parked somewhere away from home, or even on your driveway, tinted windows reduce visibility of the contents of your car quite considerably, so belongings and people in the car are shielded from view to a certain extent depending on the shade of film that you choose.”

Tintmaster has also branched out into supplying and installing tinted window film to homes, offices, and public buildings. “If you want to let the light in but still have privacy, we can apply window film in to give a translucent, clouded effect, so that basement rooms in a house, conservatories in a private garden or interior glass walls and windows in an office building are private even if they’re overlooked,” Martin says. “There’s also something called safety window film, that can bring windows up to health and safety regulation standards by preventing the glass from shattering into fragments if damage occurs to a window. This one is popular in schools, for example, to protect the people inside the building if window breakage occurs.”

Splash of Colour

And when it comes to buildings, both residential and commercial, window film can easily add a splash of transformative colour in a wide range of shades. “With coloured tinted film, you can still see through the glass but it all has a coloured hue!” says Martin. “So if you want to colour the light coming into a room to, say, your favourite football team, or if you want to make your office windows reflect company colours, it’s an easy splash of colour you can add to create a stunning and dramatic look.”

So one small change like applying shaded window film to your car, or coloured window film to your home and office, or security window film to a public building, can change the look, quality of light or security quite drastically.

Tintmaster is a great example of a company helping people change their surroundings quickly and easily but dramatically, with maximum effect. Well done Tintmaster for offering a service that gets our vote for being unusual and different.

Go to http://www.tintmaster.co.uk/ for more information on Tintmaster and the services they offer or visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Tint-Master-1904700776422358/

How to Start an Unusual Business

happy-business-womanEveryone has heard the expression “What were they thinking when …” being spoken ironically from an important person we know. Of course, this was said after a few absurd new products or methods of doing something, or about something that was read or heard about by that individual. Believe it or not, it happens around the earth much more frequently than we realize.

All a human being has to do is various creative surfing on the Internet and they’re likely to obtain barraged with plenty of stories of unusual business ideas that turned common people into millionaires suddenly. A number of ideas that were so bizarre, that not even  your wildest dream could you imagine them coming factual. All I had to do was put in the terms unusual business ideas into a top search engine, and after jumping around to a few websites I stumbled upon some genuine good stories.


Bookshelves Into A Coffin

 What one can do with creative thoughts is absolutely astonishing. A Dutch designer shaped a bookshelf that can be rehabilitated into a coffin. Now a site known as Last Things sells two-part bookcases with detachable shelves and both sections hinged jointly to fold up into a box to be used as a coffin, and if you look more you’ll be certain to find other online entities offering alike things.


Domain Names

 Until newly, establishing companies would pay much more in non-refundable charge to purchase domain names. A fresh company was shaped by professional domain name creators from dissimilar countries who would charge their customers small amount. Once the customer paid that fee he/she would be given a list of available domains by means of email every day for 30 days and after the client trailtoprofitabilityselected one, he/she would pay again small money to register it. You can do the similar by visiting the website that offers anyone this identical service and an opportunity for domain name creators to obtain half the registration fee for each name they create that is registered.


Strange Advertising Techniques

 A 21 year old man came up by way of a strange advertising technique that made him a millionaire fast: The Million Dollar Homepage. This screen had a matrix of around 1, 000 by 1,000 pixels and when displayed, all the observer has to do is run their mouse pointer above it and company names would appear. He would charge every company $1 per pixel and a lot of them bought more than a few adjacent pixels to form images on behalf of their companies.

A large UK brewer formed a beer-flavored ice cream that tasted similar to Newcastle Brown Ale. British customers tried it and appreciated it. At the present this brewery has a joint venture among Doddington Dairies that is as well located in Northeast England. Now you can only type in the language beer ice cream in almost all search engines and locate more than a few sites about companies offering ice cream prepared with beer.


Technique Called Dropshipping

 There are few hundreds, if not thousands of factual stories out there, telling how regular people came up by means of rather unusual business ideas and made fortunes from them. I have used a technique called dropshipping to create my business. So, if you ever had a business thought then later told yourself that it was quite dumb and would not at all work, give it another consideration, you may be astonished at how successful it may be.

In the end, you should be happy to learn that an unusual business idea can change your life, so give it a try and start the road to success